Program "Čačkalica" with guest Raško Ramadanski curator at museum Bečej who is talking about hypothesis that Stefan The First Crowned minted matapan type coins similar to Venetian matapan possibly as early as or before 1214 as that is when Serbian money is first mentioned in a document dated 1214, which goes in line with our research and work.

And a new discovery by my friend and colleague Raško Ramadanski of a first Serbian coins minted by a Earl John (Jovan) Vladimir the ruler of Duklja, the most powerful Serbian principality of the time, from around 1000 to 1016, also in line with the research by my friend and colleague Robert Kavazovic, first 2 images provided by him. Last one was sold on Roma Numismatics London auction in 2017 for 2000 euros plus auction fees. Ramadanski, Kavazovic and a Dr. Vladimir Ovcarov, a numismatic from Bulgaria have all, simultaneously but separate from each other, arrived to the same conclusions at the same time.

Ruler is featured without crown and without REX royal reference holding cross and a scepter pointing out to his rule as a prince or earl and not king. On the reverse there is cross in the middle and letters BLADIMIRVS (VLADIMIR) around. Cyrillic B and rest of the description in Latin.

First copper coin is 18,5mm, 2,04g and third one from auction is 20mm, 2,59g.

There were 2 other Vladimir rulers, Bulgarian and Russian, but as they both used Cyrillic description on their coins with royal references and Bulgarian ruler was against Christianity, these coins below are almost certainly from a Serbian ruler.

Jovan Vladimir potentially minted first Serbian coins and is first Serbian to become saint in Catholic church and is a first saint in Serbian Orthodox church.

Fascinating collection of coins in Peoples museum Belgrade Serbia.

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This YouTube video contains some of the coins from our Serbian medieval coin collection from king Stefan Radoslav 1228-1234 to the king Stefan Tomasevic 1461-1463. Nearly 250 years of rich history and amazing coin design and variety.

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