Nobleman Lazar Vukovic Brankovic (Lord of Kosovo 1406-1410) struck with his older brother as Lord Djuradj Vukovic Brankovic (Lord of Kosovo 1402-1412, Despot 1427-1456)

Silver "4 lines" dinar. 18mm, 1.22g.

Obverse: Serbian legend In 4 lines: ГNЬ ГЮРГЬ HЛA3A PЬ (LORD DJURADJ AND LAZAR). Lilies on the bottom.

Reverse: Jesus Christ facing seating on the throne. Initials IC-XC (Jesus Christ). Lilies above the throne.

Reference: Jov (42-1, 39-1), I (44.1), Lj (XIII-26), D 292 1,2.

Comment: Lord of Kosovo, youngest son of Vuk Brankovic and a brother of Djuradj Vukovic Brankovic. Extremely rare coin and only known type issued by two brothers together. There is no known coin issued by Lazar alone. 

Grgur and Djuradj Brankovic, Vuk Brankovic eldest and middle son, both became Lords of Kosovo in 1402. The battle of Ankara or Angora (28 July 1402) was a major victory won by Tamerlane over the Ottoman Army of Sultan Bayezid that nearly destroyed the Ottoman Empire, and as a side-effect gave the Byzantine Empire another fifty years of life. Grgur takes part and gets captured after a battle and ransomed in 1403. After coming home he takes step back from politics and goes to Monastery in 1406 and dies in 1408. Djuradj and Lazar are taking rulership over their eldest brother and are minting this coin together which is also first coin Djuradj ever made. So date of this coin can possibly be pinpointed to 1406-1410. In the eve of the battle of Hadrianopolis in 1410 Lazar gets captured and executed. Djuradj survives defeating his brothers murderer and eventually becomes Despot of Raska 1427-1456.

There are only 8 registered examples including stars and crosses instead of lilies on the reverse.

Reference: #LVB01

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Estimated Value: £1200-£1500




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