King Stefan Uros I Nemanjic (1243-1276), "Banner" silver coin. 2.1g.

Obverse: Bare-headed King receiving patriarchal cross from St. Stephen (nimbate), 2 sides Latin Legend: VROSIVS REX S STEFAN, ("Uros King St Stephen").

Reverse: Christ enthroned, holding Book of Gospels, Latin Legend: IC - XC, ("Jesus Christ"), sigla B.

Reference: LJubic III, Maric 1956 T XIII 5/6, 

Comment: Based on Archives of Dubrovnik Uros I was coining money, however the beginning of coining as well as the issue of determining what he was really coiningremain in the sphere of assumptions as his coins are very similar and difficult to distinguish from the coins of his sons Dragutin and Milutin.

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