King Stefan Tomas Ostojic Kotromanic (King of Bosnia 1443-1461)

Silver "helmet" type.

Obverse: Crowned helmet with a decoration, 2 dots, one on each side, shield with crowned letter T below and letter T on the left side and O on the right side. Latin legend: G . N . S . ТОМE . S REX BOS . (LORD TOMAS KING OF BOSNIA) around.

Reverse: Saint Gregory standing, wearing short hair and nimbate, holding long staff and a book of gospels. Latin legend: S . GREGORI NAZAZEN . (SAINT GREGORY NAZIANZUS) around. Letter R on the right side.

Reference: Jov 59 1, J 61-1, Lj (XVII-8), R 1052.

Comment: Extremely rare and scarce example of King Stefan Tomas.

Tomas was an illegitimate son of King Ostoja, he succeeded King Tvrtko II, but his accession was not recognized by the leading magnate of the Kingdom of Bosnia, Stefan Vukčić Kosača. The two engaged in a civil war which ended when the King repudiated his wife, Vojača, and married the insubordinate nobleman's daughter, Catherine. 

In 1458 Tomas arranged a match between his son Stefan Tomašević and the 12 year old Serbian heiress Helena or Jelena the last Queen of Bosnia and Despoina of Serbia. As the eldest daughter of the deceased Despot of Serbia Lazar Branković, she married Stefan Tomašević in 1459. She then took the name Maria, while her husband obtained the title to Serbia through her. Bosnian control over the remnants of the Serbian Despotate lasted merely a month before the Ottoman conquest of the state. 

There are only 32 registered examples.

Reference: #ST02

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King Stefan Tomas Ostojic Kotromanic (King of Bosnia 1443-1461) and Despot Djuradj Brankovic (1402-1412, 1427-1456)

Joint silver "monogram and lion" type. 16mm, 0.708g.

Obverse: Crowned monogram T, M tipped with lilies and S in the middle. Latin legend: +GOS ТОМE REX BOSNE (LORD TOMAS KING OF BOSNIA) around.

Reverse: Lion rampant with long tail in the middle (Brankovic family emblem). Serbian legend: +ДЕСПОТЬ * ГЮРЬГЬ (DESPOT DJURDJ) around. Flower between the title and the name.

Reference: Jov 59 5, J 42-36, 61-8, Lj (XVIII-11), I 46.1, D 321 1.

Comment: Extremely rare and scarce joint example of King Stefan Tomas and Despot Djuradj Brankovic using both Latin and Serbian legend. There is no data what event inspired minting but it is assumed that it must have been on the occasion of peace agreement in 1451.

Despot Djuradj died at the end of 1456, 5 years later, due to complications stemming from the wound from fighting Hungarians previous year.

Thomas fell ill in June 1461 and requested a physician from Ragusa. He died in July, aged around 50. He was buried in the royal mausoleum in Bobovac.

There are only 8 registered examples and 6 copper counterfeits. Wear on the monogram and the crown but most letters very well preserved.

Reference: #ST01

Not For Sale

Estimated Value: £700-£800



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