King Stefan Radoslav (1228-1233), Silver Cup Type Coin, 4.7g

Obverse: King in imperial attire receiving blessing from Jesus or Jesus putting crown on his head and holding globus cruciger in his left hand, Christ holding Gospel in his left hand.

2 sides Greek legend CTEФANOC PIZ O ΔUKAC IC XC OПANTOKPATOP ("Stefan King Duka Jesus Christ Almighty")

Reverse: Winged Archangel Michael bust, nimbate, facing holding sword upright with his right and scabbard or sheath with his left. Greek legend: ΜΗ(ΧΑΗΛ) ΑΡ(ΧΑΓΕΛΟΣ) to sides. ("Michael Archangel")

Reference: Stockert NZ XVII 1914, p195, Um. Pregled I 1937, 16, Maric 1956 T XIII 1/2 and p75, J ( 1 ), I ( 1.1 )

Comment: Extremely rare coin. only 2 silver coins are known to exist and kept in Peoples Museum in Belgrade Serbia. Please check Home Page for comparison with other known King Radoslav silver and copper coins. Interestingly this coin is same weight 4.7g as a coin featured in NZ XVII 1914 p195 Par 5 1st sentence by Dr Karl Stockert, please see bottom of the Home Page.

Found in Serbia in Novi Pazar area.

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