This Serbian medieval coin hoard was found in today's Macedonia some 20 years ago around the turn of the 21st century. It was then sold to a German numismatic company and sold individually to collectors from around the world.

We have 12 examples from this hoard. It had some 250-260 coins all from just 2 kings, King Stefan Uros II Milutin (1282-1321) featured as bare-headed king and his son King Stefan Uros III Decanski (1321-1331) featured as crowned king. There were all double cross type with king standing on the left and St Stefan on the right holding together long patriarchal double cross.

Comparisons of these pictured below examples shows that moneyer has produced and used many dies. These dies do not all look like they have been made by a skillful and experienced moneyer but possibly by his apprentice or a trainee. Unwanted dies were probably discarded but coins put into circulation resulting in many variants and unique pieces in Serbian numismatic history. This is plain to see in the examples here where letters are either missing or added, title REX is either missing, its enlarged or very small, crown and images vary in size and shape and double cross varies in design.

Below are 96 examples from that hoard.

Remarkably out of these 96 which is around 38% of the whole hoard we can identify some 30 different dies. Most common among them all are 21 Decanski examples with branched crown with T G moneyer marks at the bottom of the double cross shaft. 

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