Stefan Tvrtko I Kotromanic (Ban of Bosnia 1353-1377, King of Raska and Bosnia 1377-1391), Silver Grosh, 0.9g

Obverse: Ban enthroned facing, holding sword over lap, Latin legend: TVERT CO BAN around

Reverse: Christ facing on high-back throne, holding Gospels, legend IC - XC

Reference: Jov. 53-1, R 825

Comment: Extremely rare and scarce example of Tvrtko I as a Ban. Jovanovic only has a drawing of this coin in his book. Born in 1338 he was only 14 when he became Ban. At the time of crowning as a King in 1377 in Monastery Mileseva, Marko son of Vukasin Mrnjavcevic had the same title but crowning was not disputed by Prince Lazar, Vuk Brankovic or Balsic Family. During ceremony according to tradition he took for his official name the title name Stefan, which was later repeated by all his heirs.  Tvrtko I sent a considerable force to help Prince Lazar at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 but didn't fight himself. He suddenly died at the age of 53 in March 17th 1391.

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