Ban Stefan II Kotromanic (Ban of Bosnia 1322-1353), silver "helmet" coin. 19mm, 1.4g.

Obverse: Helmet facing left with the shield below, Latin legend: STEFANVS BAN BOSNE (STEFAN BAN BOSNE) around.

Reverse: Christ facing on the high back throne with an arch, holding Gospels, Latin legend IC - XC (Jesus Christ) in the middle on the side of the throne. Siglas R-R. Holed.

Reference: Unpublished, compare to J 50-3.1,J 52-5 and R 779.

Comment: Christ throne with an arch and a low IC - XC position are clear differences from usual Serbian depictions. Extremely rare and scarce example of Ban Stefan II Kotromanic. Jovanovic has a very similar coin in his book under reference 52-5 and Dimitrijevic under 408/1 so this coin is unique and unpublished.  Ban Stefan II Kotromanic was the Bosnian Ban from 1314, but probably most likely from 1322 to 1353 together with his brother, Vladislav Kotromanić (1326–1353). He was the son of Bosnian Ban Stefan I Kotromanić and Elizabeth, sister of King Stefan Vladislav II. He ruled the lands from Sava to the Adriatic Sea and from Cetina to Drina river.  After hisdeath September 13th 1353 he was buried in his Franciscan church in Mile, near Visoko, Bosnia.

Reference: #SIIK01

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Ban Stefan II Kotromanic (Ban of Bosnia 1322-1353), silver "helmet" coin. 20mm, 1.14g.

Obverse: Ban enthroned facing, holding sword with both hands over his lap. Latin legend: STEFA N + BAN BS (STEFAN BAN BOSNE) around.

Reverse: Christ facing on the high back throne, both hands raised, on the side book of gospels decorated with 4 gems. Latin legend IC - XC (Jesus Christ) above. Sigla X on the left side. 4 triple dotted pellets around the throne.

Reference: Unpublished, compare to J 52 10.1-12, R 783, 792 and 798.

Comment: Very similar to Dusan "sword" types but with few clues that makes us think its not Dusan. First there is a + sign on the left. On Dusan examples there is dot or continues description. Ruler is presented with a tin body and dots as a decorations on his arms and a single dot at the end of the swords handle. Jesus head and straight hair is very similar to J 52 12, R 798.

Ban Stefan II Kotromanic was contemporary to Serbian emperor Stefan Uros IV Dusan (1331-1355). He became ban 9 years before Dusan became king and died 2 years before Dusan died as a emperor. There exists no data when Ban Stefan started minting coins. But example above and this example show that he did harmonize weight and copied design of the more important neighbor Serbia and Raska, emperor Dusan coins.

Reference: #SIIK02

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