Despot Lazar Djurdjevic Brankovic (1456-1458), silver coin.

Obverse: In 4 lines Serbian legend: ГН БЛ?Г Оb3b? PbP (BLAGOVERNI LAZAR (PIOUS LAZAR))

Reverse: Lion marching to the left with stars around. Sigla in the form of a star or a flower on his face.

Reference: Unpublished.

Comment: Extremely rare and scarce unknown and unpublished until now example of Despot Lazar Djurdjevic Brankovic. Lion is similar to his fathers coins but with obvious differences being bigger, bigger head and with longer tail.

He was the youngest son of Despot Djuradj Brankovic, born in Belgrade Serbia in 1421 and died in Smederevo Serbia in 1458at the age of just 37 probably being poisoned. Also viewed as a very last Serbian ruler in medieval times.

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