Nobleman Djuradj II Balsic Stracimirovic (Ruler of Zeta 1385-1403), silver grosso "helmet wolf" coin. 

Obverse: Crown and helmet facing left crested with wolfs head. At the bottom a shield with a head of a wolf. Latin legend around: M BALS E D.GORGI (MONETA BALSE DOMINI GEORGI - MONEY BALSE LORD DJURADJ). Big star on the right.

Reverse: St Laurentius standing facing in mandorla holding a vigil lamp or a cresset in his right hand and a book of Gospels in his left. Latin legend around: S LAVR ENCIVS (SAINT LAWRENCE). 

Reference: Jov 24.9, D 288, R. Maric (Studije iz Srpske Numizmatike page 100, type IV/1,T, LX, no3/4), Museum of Nis page 364, no94.

Comment: Extremely rare coin with lovely patina, very well preserved and detailed. Holed.

Nobleman Djuradj II Balsic Stracimirovic, member of the Balšić noble family, was 4th ruler of Zeta before his son Balša III Stracimirović ruled as a 5th and the last ruler from April 1403 to April 1421. Unsure of his birth place and year but died in Ulcinj April 1403.
He was the son of Stracimir Balšić, and succeeded his paternal uncle Balša II in ruling Zeta. 

His wife was Jelena Lazarević also known, by marriages, as Jelena Balšić or Jelena Kosača. She was a medieval Serbian princess, daughter of Prince Lazar Hrebeljanovic of Serbia. Born in 1366, in Prilepac and died 1443, Beška, Montenegro, 40 years after her husband. 

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